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Merrie C.

I have been blessed to serve with Steve and Lana Ragon for several years. They connected with our Kingdom Center/Church and we have been blessed to share in, observe and move with their gifts.

Steve is a very gifted teacher with a heart to see the church at large flourish in the Earth and before the King. His ability to bring vision and exhort the church to see, comprehend and move in Kingdom revelation and power imparts inspiration and courage. Steve has integrity and a stable grasp on Biblical foundations. His teaching absolutely moves the heart towards faith and maturity.

Lana has a true gift of prophetic worship. She moves with an authentic response to our Father in her own heart first and then she flows out to lead others to respond to His heart. She has a passion and an ability to inspire passion. Lana has also taught with us and I could recommend
her teaching with enthusiasm.

When I endorse a person or persons gifts one of the most important things for me is their character. I have seen integrity and humility in Steve and Lana. I have never observed them trying to do anything other than build the Kingdom of God. They are experienced leaders with good leader values. Their marriage is solid and their witness pure. They are unafraid of accountability. These components are rare today and so my recommendation is a yes and amen.

Leader at Brazos Covenant Ministries

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Isaac D.

Having ministered alongside Steve and Lana Ragon for several years, I can personally attest to the powerful ministry and demonstration of the Kingdom of God in their lives, and perhaps more importantly, their godly character and integrity.


Worship Pastor at Brazos Covenant Ministries


Andy R.

Steve and Lana Ragon are amazing! They do not simply do ministry. Their lives are ministry to all those who know them. Their relentless pursuit of more of God is a true inspiration. And I can honestly say without hesitation, I am where I am with God because of them and their example.

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry / Missionary

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Lonnie & Annette L.

To know Kingdom, you have to know the King.

Steve & Lana know the King.  

Steve Ragon is a teacher and speaker who brings the Word of God to life through teachings that speak wisdom and truth. No matter what level your walk is with the Lord, Steve’s ability to understand, in greater measure, the King provides a way to heal and accept that you have a place in the Kingdom. He is a great speaker to have at any church, ministry, or conference gathering.

Lana Ragon is an anointed leader of worship. Lana has a unique ability to open the heavens with worship. As she leads songs to the King, people feel the Lord in their midst and join in through song and worship to the King of heaven. Lana has the voice of an angel, that changes the atmosphere and brings heaven to earth.

Founders of Warcry Prayer Ministry


Bart Rodgers

I have had the privilege of being part of Steve and Lana’s journey over the past several years.  They have a tremendous heart and desire to see the Kingdom of God expand and become reality in the lives of others.  With a focus on teaching and worship, their ministry permeates with the message that Jesus is the King.  Their vision includes a heart to see other leaders function in their equipping ministry gift and to bring practical help along the way.  Additionally, Steve and Lana exemplify a high regard for character and walk in integrity with hearts to serve!  I love and respect this couple that God has his hand on!


Elder at Brazos Covenant Ministries

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Tommy & Kellie F.

We highly recommend the ministry of Steve and Lana Ragon! Their message of Kingdom now coupled with prophetically intimate worship releases the people of God to soar into the identity they are destined for! We love their passion for Awakening the people of God and we believe you will too!


Missionaries at ForeFront Apostolic Ministries International


Teri Ragon-Lumpkin

   My love for Jesus and my desire for more of the things of God has been a lifelong journey, with each step drawing me closer to Him. This journey has been made more intelligent, thoughtful and rewarding because of Steve and Lana Ragon.
   The spiritual mentorship they have provided through the years is truly invaluable to me.
There has never (not even once) been a time that I’ve gone to Steve with a question, whether about the Word or about a situation that I was dealing with, that his answer was “Hmm, I don’t know the answer to that.” Always, his answers and guidance are straight from the Word of God and the heart of God. Not only do the answers provide me with clarity and direction, but they help move me up and forward in my walk with the Lord. He inspires learning by being such a seeker of knowledge himself and getting excited about sharing that knowledge with others. I benefit greatly from this, not only from our many deep and meaningful conversations, but also by his allowing me access to his massive library filled with the great things of God.
   The times Lana has counseled me and cried with me and prayed for me and with me are too many to count. Her passion in worship has quite literally taken me right into the throne room of God, many times. As I’ve grown in my relationship with the Lord, I’ve watched Lana transform into the mighty prayer warrior and powerful worship leader that she is today. It has been a marvelous and beautiful
thing to be witness to. Every time that I’ve gone to Lana with something I’m dealing with, needing her guidance and prayer, her love for Jesus and for me shine brightly from every word she speaks into my heart. When she talks to Jesus about me, I feel it! Her prayers are powerful and intense, faith filled, mountain moving... and when they are spoken on your behalf...things are transformed.
   Through the years, Steve and Lana have taught me by example what it looks like to be hungry for more of God, seeking His face and His heart and His will above all else. With servant hearts, being the hands and feet of Jesus... Teaching me how powerful and how mighty our worship and our praise and our
testimony is.
   Their heart for ministry and especially for advancing the Kingdom of God is ALL that they are about, and it shows in every aspect of their lives.
   I want to join with them to bring Jesus into every situation and to bring to fruition “on earth as it is in heaven.”


Teri L.