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Tiffany T.

Steve and Lana Ragon have literally helped change the course of my life. They have taught me what it looks like to partner with God, to become more confident in hearing the voice of God and in becoming who He has destined me to be. Their teaching is understandable and applicable in life! They helped me shift my mindsets from old and limiting to new and victorious. 


Kellie F.

The Ragon’s online prophetic class unlocked a necessary, and final piece, to profound freedom in my life. It was disarming, easily understood, and yet deep. My feet are more firmly planted in the Kingdom as a result! Their teamwork builds a strong foundation with the written word of the Lord and the power of His Spirit, which allows for beautiful encounters with the Living Creator.


Teri L.

The mentorship Steve and Lana Ragon have provided me is invaluable. They helped move me forward in my walk with the Lord. They inspire learning by being seekers of knowledge themselves. Lana’s worship takes me into the very throne room of God. Their prayers are powerful and transformational. They have taught me by example what it looks like to be hungry for more of God. 

AndrewMichelle-605 (2)_edited.jpg

Andy R.

Steve and Lana Ragon are amazing! They do not simply do ministry. Their lives are ministry to all those who know them. Their relentless pursuit of more of God is a true inspiration. And I can honestly say without hesitation, I am where I am with God because of them and their example.

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