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What I'm Hearing Prophetically About the Glory

At The Rising we are all about calling out the greatness that is inside you. We want you to rise up into your calling and destiny. Watching you mature in your walk with God makes our hearts beat. This is our assignment.

Several years ago, we prayed to find our focus. We did this prophetically as a ministry. The Lord gave us Isaiah 60:1, "Arise shine, for your light has come and glory of the Lord has risen upon you".

This became our focus. We had a banner made which read, "These are the Days of Awakening" Is. 60:1.

Over time, we have discovered that this is more than a focus. It is an assignment. Steve and I have studied the entire 60th chapter of Isaiah for many years, and God is continuing to shine the light on it, enabling us to see a continual stream of new facets of truth and revelation from this life changing scripture.

Prophetically What I Hear:

I hear the Lord putting strong emphasis on the word "glory." The Glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

The Glory is the operation of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. We are the influencers flowing with the Holy Spirit establishing the Kingdom of God here, in our environment.

Dr. Myles Monroe said it like this, "The Kingdom of Heaven is a place, while the Kingdom of God is the influence."

Everything happens quickly in the Glory of God. The Glory is "Your Kingdom come Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven (Mt. 6:10).

Many times, we have settled for less because of the length of time we've waited. There is seed, time, and harvest. I've walked out many seasons when much time passed before the answer came. Remember Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, and Ishmael? Waiting can be exceedingly difficult.

God is challenging me and asking Me, "Why settle for the wait?" I'm hearing, "Think bigger. Believe for the impossible!"

"Suddenly there was a sound from Heaven as a rushing mighty wind..." (Acts 2:1-4)

The "suddenly" came on the other side of their waiting or tarrying. When the fullness of time came, the Holy Spirit came suddenly.

Many have been in a season of waiting for a while. We've forgotten how to believe big. We've forgotten how to believe for the “right now” miracle. Our suddenly moment has come! It is here.

God is challenging us to step into this new era of the Glory of God where miracles happen. The Glory is the place where your diligent waiting is rewarded with “all things are possible for them that believe!”

This is where we now are!

The Glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Have courage to believe for the BIG thing. God wants better for you than you want for yourself. Steve and I agree with you! Let the miraculous be established!

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