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The Sequence of Growth

I dream, like a lot of people, of all the projects I’d like to do in our yard. I’d like a paradise of flowers, a vegetable garden, and green carpet-like grass to name a few.

We moved to our property in 2008. There was only one tree on our five. Our oldest son, Andrew, and I began planting trees.

At the time, he worked in the garden center at Lowe’s as a college job. This came in handy, due to the deep discounts on all garden supplies and materials he received. This helped us save a lot, while we were trying to establish trees, hedges, and such. He brought home many pitiful looking little trees that were practically free. He planted them and cared for them.

In 2009 a drought began. The drought lasted almost six years. Andrew was faithful to care for the trees, even though we lost many of them. When the rains returned, Andrew’s constant care of the trees had paid off. Their roots were deep, so many of them began to quickly grow.

Two trees caught my attention more than the others. In the morning, I’d drink my coffee and look out the window at these two trees that we had planted on the same day. I remarked, “If only the tiny tree would grow like the other one”. I would sip my coffee and resign to the fact that it was out of my control.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do something, anything. So, with Andrew’s help we broke up the tough Texas soil around the sad little tree. We then fertilized and watered it. We saw signs of life and growth almost immediately! That sad little tree continues to grow strong and tall.

We all have similar stories. It may not be a tiny unfruitful tree, but you probably have similar things in other areas of your life.

The Sequence of Growth: Finally - Turn the ground – Fertilize - Water

Sometimes it seems like things are out of our hands. We can only watch, wish, and wait. Yet, there comes a time in our lives when we have a “finally” moment. A time when something must change. We're so desperate to see fruit in our lives, that we're willing to do almost anything. We have a dream and can’t think of another day passing without realizing that dream. So, we take steps toward fruitfulness and growth.

I was dreaming about my beautiful, shaded yard. Yet I had done hardly anything for it to become a reality; only putting the plants in the ground.

There is a Kingdom principle at work here. When our dreams combine with a God encounter, and His revealed wisdom, we grow and become fruitful.

I needed to take care of what was in my hand. Then God would see my stewardship skills and trust me with even more. Small beginnings today, determine how much we’re entrusted to manage in the future.

God asked Moses, “What’s in your hand?” God is saying, “Start here”. Our "finally" moment is our awakening moment. When we arise from sleep and decide to do something.

I have heard this word prophetically in my spirit for a few weeks: “We’re in the turning”. It's time to turn the soil of our heart.

Ask Jesus to uproot anything that’s holding you back, such as bitterness or unforgiveness. And if you'll partner with friends and mentors, you'll be able to see what you alone cannot.

Fertile soil is where mature, healthy trees grow. We are no different.

God wants to mold and shape us to become the vessel He desires so His purpose can be fulfilled through us.

We partner with Him in this process. We speak God’s Word over our life. We surround ourselves with those that celebrate us. This helps to create that fertile soil!

The water of the Word of God is applied as we daily spend time with God. Meditating on His Word, praying in the Spirit, and hearing His Voice for strategy are all part of the process. God’s voice builds us up in faith and helps to limit all the distractions. Distraction is the enemy of progress.

The more time we spend with God, the more we look like Him, act like Him, and speak like Him. We can't help but be fruitful, for our God is a God of more than enough!


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