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Rise Above the Chaos and See From God’s Perspective

I was looking up at the clouds a few mornings ago. Yes, that’s correct. Steve and I have a daily morning exercise routine.

At the end of our workouts, we spend some time stretching and deep breathing. I look forward to this relaxing time after “beating my flesh into submission”. I also look forward to it because I invite Jesus into this quiet time, and He is always faithful to speak.

Now back to the clouds.

I saw something silver glistening in the sky, and it caught my eye. It turned out to be a military jet. It was flying so high it made no sound here on the ground.

If I had not seen the sun reflecting on the brilliant silver, I wouldn’t have noticed it. My eyes followed it all the across the sky till it was behind a cloud and out-of-view.

I closed my eyes and thought about what it must be like for the pilot. Imagine to be so far above the Earth, so quiet, alone in thought except for the controls, training, and mission.

There's so much turmoil competing for our attention right now. I couldn’t help but be a little jealous of the pilot, so high above with a bird’s eye view of the world below.

I continued to think of the “bird’s eye view” and thought this should be how we posture our hearts. It’s so easy to get side- tracked and lose our peace. Yet, we are seated in Heavenly places with Christ; and He’s calling us to “come up higher”.

I’m not saying we ignore what’s happening in our world. Of course, we are to be a light as Jesus is the Light.

Controls, training, and mission...

We are now living in times when we must hear the strategy of the Lord. We must remember our training and go forward with our mission to be salt and light. We are to arise and shine, so we can usher in the greatest move of God any of us have ever seen.

The jet was flying so high and out of range, I couldn’t hear its sound. That doesn’t mean there was no sound. The sound existed, even though I couldn’t hear it.

This is where we are as the Body of Christ.

There is a sound … a rumbling in the Heavens. However, it hasn't reached the Earth yet. But, we have heard it prophetically. We feel the rattling of resurrection in our bones like a fire, as the prophet Joel described.

I hear it in the groaning birth pangs of intercession. The ground is shaking as the stone is rolling away. Jesus is calling us by name as He did with Lazarus!

I declare over you today:

You are loosed from your grave clothes from the last season. Come out of the tomb, fly high. God is calling you to arise into awakening!

"I hear the sound of an abundance of rain!"

We come into agreement with the sound of Heaven touching Earth and declare, “Jesus, Your Kingdom Come!”

With our voices united as one, we break free from the old and step into a new day. Awaken each of us. Awaken this Great Nation. We declare Jesus is Lord and King of kings!


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