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Releasing The New Sound

Hello friends. Last week we posted a live message I preached at Brazos Covenant Ministries. I’m highlighting this message because it is so important. We must understand the enemy is trying to silence us. “Silent no more” must be our battle cry in the face of everything coming against us.

We live in a time like no other in my lifetime. And I say that with certainty. The warfare has been mounting, but we must mount up like eagles. God has called us to soar. We are not to go through life wringing our hands in worry. We must not limit our vision to a ground-level view. He has called us to look at the circumstances around us from a bird’s eye view.

The world is trying to answer a spiritual problem with a physical solution. Does the Lord call us to be boots on the ground? Yes, He does. Now, He’s calling us to release our voice in praise and worship.

I decree, the prayer bowls in Heaven are tipping. The things we have prayed, believed, and declared, for a long time, are pouring into our life. We see unity. We see an outpouring of awakening across our nation. The prayers bowls of Heaven are full of repentance, faith, and hope. They’re at a tipping point. Prayer bowls are beginning to vibrate with the sound of your voice. Release the new sound of your own voice. Let’s release our voices together and free God to move in our lives and our nation.

Here's the Spotify link for the podcast episode, "Releasing The New Sound". Or you can access through our Home page @

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