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Leadership Minute: Refine & Define

As I sit here at my computer with software issues completely out of my control, waiting for tech support, I realize how the day I planned was quickly getting pushed to tomorrow.

Many things on my list for today are pushed forward.

I decided that instead of getting stressed, I would send emails to everyone that would be affected by this software issue, and kindly let them know of the delay.

I had a pre-set.

Many years ago, I learned that if I would develop and establish a pre-set for situations that could disrupt my day, I could, in the moment, lean into my pre-set behavior and work the solution, and make the best of it, instead of falling victim to it or my emotions. With my pre-set, I can keep my peace till the battle's over, as the lyrics of the old hymn state.

You may ask how I can have a pre-set and actually stick to it?

This comes from practice, prayer and giving the situation to God. It will not happen overnight, but if you stay the course, it will happen. Through this process, you are shifting the way you think - and that takes time.

I've given God so many things, so many times. He is always there to take our fears and replace them with faith. Just the sound of our Mighty God's Voice gives us faith. Never underestimate the power of His Voice.

Every time we are struggling, but choose to give it to God, we are building the muscle of using a pre-set - a kind and positive behavior, rather than irrational emotional behavior of stress, worry, and fear.

Leaders daily rise above their circumstances. Let's Rise Up! There is always a higher place.

This is a daily walk to freedom and victory. I so wish I could promise you overnight success. But there is almost never such a thing. But you can do it! There will come a day when your pre-set is in you so deeply, it will be your first response. I can promise you that. God is faithful to meet you every time you call upon Him.

I have applied pre-sets from ground zero, and I know that having a planned pre-set works my friends. And I encourage you to embark on your journey of utilizing this amazing and powerful tool.

You can hear and read much more about pre-sets in my online course, Boldly Partner with God — How to Hear His Voice . The e-Book from the course will be coming to print in the Spring of 2023!

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