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In From The Cold

Hey there friends. Today I am reminded of a time a few months ago. Hopefully, this simple story will encourage your heart.

It was the first overnight freeze of late fall. I had already brought all my outside plants in and found a home for them through the winter in my crowded dining room. There was only one plant left outside. I had not brought it inside simply because of its size. The pot was so big and heavy I just couldn’t manage it, so I resigned to the fact that the freeze would take it and that’s just how it was.

The North wind began to blow just as the weather forecast had predicted. The trees and hedges were bending in the wind. The windows were popping a bit from gusts they were not accustomed to with our long hot Texas summers. The lawn chairs had been put away weeks before, so all I could see was the one lonely plant trying to survive the cold high winds. Finally, I could not take it anymore. I called for Steve, “Help me”. So, we braved the windy patio, and together picked up the rather cumbersome large plant and brought it inside. The cold had already affected it. When I touched the vines, they just snapped off. Even though I still had to find a place for it and was panting a little from the weight I had just quickly carried, I was relieved to have it inside.

Even before the rush of the moment was over, tears came to my eyes as God began to show me His Heart from this everyday action. He said, “I always go after the one.” In Matthew 18:12-14 and Luke 15:3-7, Jesus tells the Parable of the Lost Sheep. Jesus said, “The Son of Man has come to give life to anyone that is lost. Think of it like this, a man owns 100 sheep grazing on the hillside. One of them wanders off. The owner will leave the 99 and go after the one that is lost. He will search for the lost one and rejoice when he finds it more than he rejoices over the 99 that are safe. Our Heavenly Father doesn’t want to see a single one lost” (Lana’s paraphrase).

You may feel like you have been left out in the cold, but you have not. Jesus is coming for you. It may feel like the wind is blowing so hard, the temperature is dropping and like my plant your vines are snapping. Many things in your life may feel like they are snapping off or falling apart: jobs lost, children lost, relationship lost, depression and heaviness have set in like a heavy dark cloud too dense to find your way through. My friend, Jesus is searching for you. He is coming for you and He will not stop searching until He finds you. Please take a deep breath and rest in the fact that Jesus has found you and He is rejoicing over you right now!

Just like I needed to ask for help at the last moment to bring my plant in from the cold, we are in this together. There is strength in numbers. We are here at The Rising for you. We are here to find you too. You are not out there wandering alone. I know what it feels like to be isolated and feel like no one truly understands. I want you to know that you are loved, and we understand. We will not relent in our pursuit to find you, lost one. You are our passion. You are not alone. We are thankful for the 99, but we are rejoicing over you: the one who once was lost but now is found. We love you dear friends.


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