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CommunityWe Need Each Other

The last couple of years have proven to be uncertain times. Isolation and fear of sickness and disease have dominated our headlines.

Many have found it difficult to find a way to get back into community. Some feel lost and simply can’t find a way back. Yet we all desperately need a place to belong. We are better together.

Acts 2:1,2 KJV “When the day of Pentecost had fully come, they were in one accord (one mind or unity) in one place. And suddenly there was a sound from heaven as a of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.”

When we gather with one mind (purpose) to exalt God, it always creates a sound. That sound is the sound of His presence moving within us and among us.

There are things we can accomplish alone in our personal time with God. But there are also breakthroughs that can only be accomplished when we come together as the Collective.

The Collective is God’s people moving as one in the power of love to accomplish His call and purposes.

There have been times when I’ve had difficulty hearing God for myself. Yet at the same time I could hear clearly for others. And others could hear for me. God demonstrated to me, through this lack of hearing for myself, that I need community.

Our answer is often hidden in someone else. Someone else has the confirming word we’ve prayed for. God designed it this way. We are the Body of Christ. We need each other. (I talk much more about the treasure of community in our online course, Confident U: Partnering with God.)

Encouragement, exhortation, community, strength, and so much more are all found in relationship. We need each other.

You are uniquely you. There is no one that sounds like you or can do what you can do. What you bring to the Collective causes all of us to go higher. You are needed.

Community is intentional. It is so easy to pull away from community. It takes an effort to make a phone call or send a text or email to set up a meeting with friends. This is even more so for new friend relationships. Be intentional. Doing life with friends brings great rewards.

The Rising is creating a community of friends. We want to partner with you in life. This is a safe place to belong, grow, and share life together. You can share your great days and your not so great days.

“Arise, shine for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Lift up your eyes all around and see: They all gather together….”

(Is. 60:1,4 NKJV)

At The Rising, we want to partner with the one and only you.

I wrote a song in 2018 unlike any of the songs I’ve written in the past. The title is “Never Alone.” I’ve included the very non-studio recording of the song — meaning it’s recorded on my phone in my piano room. The message of the song is though we may all be different; our diversity is our strength.

Be the Rising!


Weekly Activation:

Right now, before you have time to think about it, send the message to set up a time to meet with a friend. Send us a message and let us know that your lunch or coffee date was set. Then let us know how it went.

Song: Never Alone:



We never stand alone, no, though we see things differently, we believe in the land of the free

We are never alone


So many voices out there

Tearing us apart

We’ve got to stop looking with our eyes

And open the eyes of our heart

It’s not the color of our skin

Or the numbers in our address

It’s everlasting love and honor of our sisters and our brothers

Lord, cover us with Your graciousness

Come mend our broken hearts with Your forgiveness


We never stand alone, no

Though we see things differently

We believe in the land of the free

We are never alone, no

Side by side hand in hand we step up as the crisis demands

We sing for joy

We wipe tears of pain

We hold each other up when life gets tough

We are never alone, never alone


We can all pull together and stop this tug-of-war

I hear the heartbeat of Heavenly Father pounding passion for one voice

I see His eyes full of mercy I capture a teardrop falling from His face

I see facets of living water flowing like a river into waterfalls, into waterfalls of grace


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