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Calling For a COLD Front!

The LORD continues to bring up Mark 4:35-41 to me. Jesus and His disciples are in a boat out at sea. A great storm overtakes them, and the disciples are all afraid.

Jesus is sleeping in the stern. The disciples wake Jesus saying, "Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?”

Jesus speaks to the storm and calms the sea. Then He rebukes His disciples for their lack of faith. How were they supposed to know that the sea and wind were subject to them?!

We know from Genesis 1 that God's intent and design for humanity is that we exercise dominion in the earth. Jesus definitely did. And He expected His disciples to as well.

This is a powerful passage of Scripture, but what does it have to do with us? Glad you asked. Let me share an example from modern times.

The past few days in Texas, where we live, the temperatures have been soaring to 107! Additionally, our air conditioning in our home went out on Thursday. The new equipment can not be installed until Monday. So, we have been without air conditioning during the hottest temperatures we've seen in years .

As I was complaining to the LORD about this, He reminded me of this passage of Scripture. He wants us to shift from a victim mindset to an overcoming, dominion-taking, devil-stomping lifestyle!

We shouldn't lay down and take whatever comes our way. Jesus rebuked the disciples for not taking charge over the stormy weather. I don't want to make the same mistake they did.

So this morning, I began to follow His example and take authority (dominion) over the weather.

Jesus did not spend a lot of time cursing the darkness or the storms. He rather spoke life and peace and thus released victory into every situation He faced.


So I declared, "30-day sustained cold front from the North .... BE! Wind of God blow!!"

I am expecting a miraculous weather reversal that will AMAZE meteorologists!

What changes do you need to experience in your life? I invite you to join with me and release your declaration into the atmosphere with mine. There is power in agreement! We don't have to settle!

I don't want my Christian life to be stuck in theory and theology. I want to DO what Jesus did and does, and say what He said and says. Don't be a victim. Take dominion!

On Earth as it is in Heaven!

I'm Calling For a Cold Front!!


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