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Discover and fulfill your calling from God without wasting years learning through trial and error on your own

Introducing: The Rising's Mentorship

It's time to step into your calling.

It's time to bring Heaven to Earth.

It's time to dream again

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each day you woke up knowing you were doing exactly what you were born to do?


How great would that feel?


The peace, the excitement, the fulfillment…


But how do you know what you were born to do?


It’s not easy to live a life of excitement and fulfillment if you don’t know what you were made for…


Imagine knowing exactly what you were born to do.


Even more, imagine having an experienced guide walk with you along the journey to get there. 


Are you ready to...?

  • Discover how God uniquely made you

  • Learn how to help others on their journey

  • Feel excited about the impact you’re making

  • Grow in your ability to clearly hear God’s Voice

  • Become more effective with the gifts and resources God has given you


Does this resonate with you? If so, you’re in the right place.


We understand the frustrations of knowing God has more for you but not knowing what to do.


We understand what it feels like to spend your days full of uncertainty.


We also understand what it feels like to be misunderstood by those around you.


You’re hungry for more – for purpose, for calling, for destiny.


But not everyone shares our passion for seeing God’s purposes fulfilled on the Earth.


That’s why we wanted to create something for people just like you.


We created this based on what we wish we had 20 years ago – when we couldn’t find mentors and had to figure out everything on our own.


We want to help you discover what God has called you to and help you accomplish it.


After years of searching, we know just how challenging it can be to find a mentor.


It can be a lonely road – full of ups and downs. We don’t want you to walk this journey alone.


We’re in this together.

Meet your mentors


Hi, we’re Steve and Lana Ragon – prophetic leadership coaches with a passion to see God’s people discover and fulfill their call.


We want to help you hear what God is saying and see what He is doing in your life.


We then want to equip you to do what He tells you to do. This is what Jesus did during His earthly ministry (John 5:19 and John 12:49).


Over the years, we have been privileged to have several pastors and leaders pour into our lives. But there were many things God was calling us into where there was no one to help us.

We learned the hard way. Alone.


We don’t want you to do the same. You can learn from us!


Sometimes, people say they understand. But trust us – we really do understand.


We know the frustration of wanting to develop and grow, but there’s no one who understands you – much less can help you.

We want to be for you what we couldn’t find for ourselves. We’ve already traveled down this road, so let us be your guide.


We truly love helping people grow in their ability to hear God more clearly and confidently. We love seeing the moment someone discovers their entire life makes sense. The moment you realize God has been with you all along.


This is what we want for you. We want you to understand your calling and the plans He has for you. And we want you to know what to do with it.


Our years of experience and education are available to you. You don’t have to learn it all on your own. We are here to help you on your journey.


We invite you to stand on our shoulders.

The Rising defined

The Rising is a ministry we started in 2013 to help people discover who God made them to be and fulfill their calling and destiny.


Our passion is to see the Body of Christ truly arise and shine (Isa 60:1-3).


And our focus is to train and equip people to become all God has called them to be.


This is done through ...

  • Mentoring and Coaching

  • Online Courses

  • Books

  • Preaching and Teaching

  • And More


When you sign up for The Rising's Mentorship, you'll discover how to:

  • Identify your unique identity and purpose…

  • Overcome limiting mindsets that hold you back…

  • Learn to hear the voice of the Lord more confidently…

  • Grow in confidence and become a person of influence…

  • Learn how to grow and mature in who God made you to be...

  • Forge new friendships as a member of this amazing group full of people on similar journeys...

  • Tap into the wisdom and experience that Steve and Lana have spent a lifetime accumulating…

    Discover your calling through teaching and activations

    This is where you can join live mentoring meetings, watch recordings from previous sessions, post questions, leave comments, share testimonials, request prayer, and much more…


    Group Zoom Sessions happen once per week (Sessions are recorded, so you never miss anything – regardless of your schedule).


    Each month we’ll dig deep into new critical areas to help you identify your true calling and purpose. These sessions are designed to help you grow and mature until you are living the life you know you’re destined to live. 

    Each month, our sessions will include:


    Week 1: Deep teaching on a specific topic to help you uncover God’s purpose for your life.


    Week 2: Activation of that teaching — we’ll walk one of the participants through the process of activating and applying that principle to their life. 


    Week 3: Q&A Session to answer any of your questions related to that month’s topic. 


    Week 4: Follow-up training, prophetic words, activation, encouragement, and celebration for every step of the journey.


      Life is about to be a lot more fun!

      • Step-by-step guidance through the application of the principles you will learn…

      • Opportunity to ask questions for clarification and personalization…

      • Input on which topics are covered and which aspects of that topic are emphasized…

      • Discounted rates for one-on-one coaching sessions… 

      • And much more!

        Some of our upcoming topics...

        Stories of transformation

        media-1633459990520-Oct_5_2021_1_20_PM (1).jpg
        Steve and Lana Ragon have literally helped change the course of my life. They have taught me what it looks like to partner with God, to become more confident in hearing the voice of God and in becoming who He has destined me to be. Their teaching is understandable and applicable in life! They helped me shift my mindsets from old and limiting to new and victorious. 

        Tiffany T.

        By enrolling now, you'll also receive...

        • A free prophetic worship music download by Lana Ragon

        • Bonus Video: Words of Encouragement to begin your journey

        • Bonus Video: Introduction to The Rising's Mentorship

        The time is now.
        is available.

        Do you want another year to go by without discovering and stepping into your purpose? 


        I know I don’t want that for you.


        Change is here. Your opportunity has come.


        If you feel stuck, we are here to help you get un-stuck.


        99% of the battle is the first step. Once you begin moving, momentum takes over.


        Are you ready?


          This mentorship is not for...

          • Those who are content with things as they are

          • The complacent and apathetic

          • Those who don't believe in the powerful of the Holy Spirit

          • Those who want to make a difference in their world

          • The hungry and motivated

          • Those who are open to the powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit

          This mentorship is for...

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